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Welcome to Healthy Harvest Farm

Do you want to start eating more fresh produce, but just don't know where to start? Are you tired of eating boxed meals with ingredients you can't pronounce? Would you like to learn how to prepare dishes loaded with farm fresh vegetables that your family will love? Then you have come to the right place.

A healthy dinner doesn't have to be a struggle. Vegetables get a bad rap because most people haven't experienced them fresh and properly prepared. It is a whole new experience eating farm fresh vegetables. Our melons are harder to resist than a candy bar. You'll fall in love with potatoes all over again and realize that tomatoes have more than one flavor. Kids who grow up eating great tasting produce see vegetables as a treat instead of a punishment. We grow unique varieties selected for taste, while grocery stores buy produce selected for shipping quality and picked under ripe for longer shelf life.

Preparing a great tasting meal with farm fresh produce doesn't have to take all evening. We're as hungry as the next person at the end of a long farm day. But we have discovered some time saving tips that help us get dinner on the table in a half hour or less using fresh vegetables instead of boxed meals. Click here to see our suggestions on how to incorporate more vegetables into your diet. Browse our site to find out more about what it means to be a member of Healthy Harvest Farm and how you can incorporate more fresh produce into your diet with helpful vegetable facts and recipes.

Here at Healthy Harvest Farm we won't just give you a box of produce and send you on your way. Every week you'll get the choice, information, and encouragement you need to make healthy eating easy.

If you can't find the information you are looking for please contact Sara or Dave by email or phone for more information.

Email: Phone: 814-355-2842

Summer/Fall 2021 SOLD OUT

Fill out this Google waiting list form OR PDF waiting list form in case of an unexpected opening. Once on the waiting list you will also be able to sign up for 2022 early.

See our membership page for more information.

Summer share changes due to COVID-19

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has strongly recommended that all produce sales be pre-bagged and contact free until further notice. We are changing our summer share to comply. What does that mean? We will return to our normal set up as soon as the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture says it is safe.

The free choice system is a cornerstone of our CSA. This will not change, but the way you pick up will.

A selection form will be emailed ahead of time listing what we have available. You will fill out the form to select your choices for the week.

When you arrive to pick up please do the following:

1. Face masks are optional but social distancing is necessary.

2. Park as far from other members as you can.

3. Get out of your vehicle and place a large rigid container at the rear of your vehicle for us to place your veggies in. We have found the perfect thing is a large flat plastic laundry basket. Reusable shopping bags will not work since we would have to handle them. If you don't have anything suitable or forget, no worries we will use our plastic shopping bags.

4. Stand by the driver's door until we have delivered your veggies and moved at least 6 feet away.

5. Only get out if you can do this while staying at least 6 feet away from other members. You might need to wait in your vehicle until others leave.

6. Drive home to eat some good for you food!

We realize this is not ideal. Part of what makes our CSA unique is you get to choose not only the kind of vegetables you want but to see them before you decide and take the exact one that speaks to you. However these are unusual times and we need to adapt.

As a farm we always adhere to strict protocols regarding hygiene and sanitation. These include frequent hand washing and disinfecting hard surfaces. No one who is feeling unwell for any reason is allowed on the farm.

As a small family farm the number of people who come in contact with the produce is very limited. Since the outbreak we have discontinued allowing our workshares to handle produce. This means that only Dave or Sara will ever come in contact with your produce.

Rather than fixating on the fear we are trying to remain hopeful. Many measures will not be easy, but if we all do our part to reduce the spread we will save lives. We also need to be aware of the real financial hardship this will cause some and do what each of us can to help. By coming together at this time of crisis we can build an even stronger community.