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General Information

Cilantro is a controversial herb. Some people can't get enough, while others hate it. Full disclosure - I think it tastes like soap. There is even a fun NY Times article about why it reminds many people of soap and suggests repeated exposure will get you to like it more. It is the plant that produces coriander seeds.

Storage Information

Like most fresh herbs, it is best used as soon as possible. Wrap in plastic and store in the refrigerator. Don't wash before storage. It is unusual for an herb in that it loses its flavor when dried. It does freeze well. Use frozen - not thawed.

Cooking Suggestions

  • Cilantro is used to season salsa and other Mexican dishes.
  • Can be added fresh to a tossed salad.
  • Add at the end of cooking to soups, stews and stir-fries.
  • Use in pasta and potato salads