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Why Choose Healthy Harvest Farm?

  • Large selection of seasonal produce picked fresh for that home-grown taste.
  • Food produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.
  • Not pre-boxed, select the items you like.
  • Many heirloom and lesser known vegetables in addition to your favorites.
  • 100% of our produce goes to our members. We do not sell through any other outlet so you get the best we grow!
  • Tap into a network of people who will help you make healthy eating an attainable priority.
  • Connect your children with where their food comes from and build positive associations with vegetables.
  • Two Saturday farm tours. Enjoy an afternoon walking the fields and learning how your food is grown.
  • Direct access to the farmers. Either Dave or Sara will always be present at distribution to answer any questions or concerns.

Summer share changes due to COVID-19

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has strongly recommended that all produce sales be pre-bagged and contact free until further notice. We are changing our summer share to comply. What does that mean? We will return to our normal set up as soon as the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture says it is safe.

The free choice system is a cornerstone of our CSA. This will not change, but the way you pick up will.

A selection form will be emailed ahead of time listing what we have available. You will fill out the form to select your choices for the week.

When you arrive to pick up please do the following:

1. Please wear a face mask to protect others.

2. Park as far from other members as you can.

3. Get out of your vehicle and place a large rigid container at the rear of your vehicle for us to place your veggies in. We have found the perfect thing is a large flat plastic laundry basket. Reusable shopping bags will not work since we would have to handle them. If you don't have anything suitable or forget, no worries we will use our plastic shopping bags.

4. Stand by the driver's door until we have delivered your veggies and moved at least 6 feet away.

5. Only get out if you can do this while staying at least 6 feet away from other members. You might need to wait in your vehicle until others leave.

6. Gather your veggies as quickly as possible.

7. Drive home to eat some good for you food!

We realize this is not ideal. Part of what makes our CSA unique is you get to choose not only the kind of vegetables you want but to see them before you decide and take the exact one that speaks to you. However these are unusual times and we need to adapt.

Now Offering Two Share Sizes For Summer/Fall

We now offer both full and half shares during our summer/fall season. Full shares come every week for 23 weeks while half shares come on a biweekly basis with 11 pick up weeks. Each time you pick up you select 8 choices from a wide range of seasonal vegetables. It is impossible to say how many people this will feed since eating habits vary widely. Please note that we no longer allow multiple families to share a full share. Multiple people coming on the same week for the same share was causing too much confusion. Instead please have both parties sign up for their own half share.

Pick up locations and times

Pick up is from 4-6:30 PM

Choose from one of two pickup locations EITHER:

Tuesdays, in Bellefonte at the Musser Farm Market (located adjacent to our fields), 793 Musser Lane


Thursdays, in State College at Nature's Pantry, 2331 Commercial Blvd

What happens if I can't make a pickup?

1. Send a friend in your place.

2. Let us know ahead of time and you can take the 8 choices you missed on a different week. You can either take them all at once or spread them out over several weeks. We just ask that you keep track of them yourself, it is on the honor system.

3. Life can be hectic and we all forget things. The first time you forget to come to pickup without telling us a day ahead, your 8 choices from the week are saved for you to use later. After the first time, you forfeit the choices from that week. This is to minimize waste. Once veggies have been packed for you they can not be repacked for other members. They will be donated to the food bank. If you want to deliberately donate your share any given week to the food bank please let us know ahead of time.


Fill out this waiting list form in case of an unexpected opening. Once on the waiting list you will be given a chance to sign up early for 2022.

SUMMER/FALL SHARE — SOLD OUT— June 1st thru November 4th 2021

$675 for full shares — weekly pick up for 23 consecutive weeks. $325 due at sign up.

$350 for half shares 11 biweekly pick ups. $175 due at sign up.

Balance due by July 1st 2021.

Make checks payable to:

Healthy Harvest Farm


Healthy Harvest Farm 2423 Jacksonville Road Bellefonte, PA 16823


December thru May — Biweekly pickup — $400 due by November 1st 2021.

Please note due to high demand winter/spring share is only ever available to current summer/fall share members.

Still have more questions?

Consult our member handbook.