Vegetable Pages


General Information

Rutabaga is one of the often forgotten root vegetables. It has a mild unique flavor that adds interest to any dish. Based on the heavily waxed and old specimens haunting the produce department of many grocery stores, I can see why most people pass it up. We don't use wax, so the skins are still edible - which adds a lot of flavor. As you can guess by its, appearance it is closely related to the turnip, but tends to have a sweeter flavor.

Storage Information

Rutabagas store very well. They will keep for months in a plastic bag in your refrigerator.

Cooking Suggestions

  • Don't peel - just scrub well to remove any dirt.
  • Eat raw by grating and adding to salads.
  • Boil with potatoes and mash to add flavor to mashed potatoes.
  • Cube and add to soups, stew or stir-fries.