purple top turnips

Purple Top White Globe Turnips

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General Information

Turnips come in several different varieties. Most people picture the purple top white globe turnip as these are the most common. They are grown as a fall crop for winter storage and are a good staple for root vegetable cooking in the winter. We also grow oasis turnips - a small white turnip that matures quickly in the spring and is often enjoyed with the first spring lettuce for a tasty salad. Oasis turnips have a much sweeter flavor and a crisp, almost juicy flesh. The green tops of turnips can also be eaten (usually braised). The tops have a taste that is on the strong side. Use them in place of other brassica greens such as kale or collards.

Storage Information

Remove the root from the leaves and store them separately in plastic bags in your refrigerator. The greens will keep for 1-2 weeks and the roots will store for months.

Cooking Suggestions

  • Eat raw in a salad - either sliced for the smaller ones or grated for the larger ones.
  • Add to soups and stews.
  • Boil in beef broth with left-over beef roast for a hearty soup.
  • Use as you would potatoes for mashing.