Vegetable Pages


General Information

Carrots have Bugs Bunny as their spokesman - so, no need for me to gush. One of the few vegetables almost every child will eat. Growing them is a challenge because they don't compete well with weeds and take a long time to mature. This means they require a lot of weed management on our part. Being so universally loved makes it all worth the effort. They are also a staple storage crop for our winter distribution.

Storage Information

Great keeper. They will last many months in your refrigerator in a plastic bag.

Storing carrots with ethylene gas producing items such as apples and oranges will make them taste bitter in a matter of days. Be sure they are not in the same drawer of your refrigerator and that the carrots are wrapped well to prevent the gas from putting them off.

Cooking Suggestions

  • Don't peel as most of the nutrients are in the skin and if stored properly the skin will not be bitter. See note above about ethylene gas. Just scrub well with a vegetable brush to remove dirt.
  • Eat them raw as a healthy snack - either plain or with your favorite dip. Yogurt based dips are a healthy option.
  • Add to soups, stews, stir-fries, burritos or cole-slaw.
  • Steam lightly and serve with olive oil and herbs for a side dish.